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Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Nectar Collector

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Lookah Seahorse Pro

The Lookah Seahorse Pro comes as an upgraded version of the Lookah Seahorse wax dab vaporizer. This device is an easy-to-use electronic nectar collector kit designed for an enhanced. multi-dabbing experience.

The unit comes in multiple colors. including red. blue. black. yellow. purple. orange. green and grey. The limited-edition colors are camo. tie-dye-rainbow. midnight gold. royal gold. and cake The body is built with sturdy material for easy grips.

But as a second-generation dabbing device. how does the Lookah Pro nectar collector differ from the rest of Seahorse Pro Dab?

Seahorse Pro by Lookah


  • Brand: Lookah
  • Type: Seahorse Pro
  • Electric Nectar Collector
  • Limited Edition Colors
  • Touch Dip Style
  • 510 Threading
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Output Voltage: 4.1V. 3.6V. 3.2V
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Resistance: 1.0¦¸ - 9.99¦


  • 1 x Seahorse Pro
  • 1 x Tip Adapter
  • 1 x Connection Hose
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x 14/18mm Adapter
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • User Manual
Category: Nectar Collectors

    Dual Use

    For starters. the Seahorse Penis designed as a 2-in-1 dabbing unit. despite its portable size.

    You can use the Seahorse Pro Lookah as a regular dab pen with a cartridge to vaporize oils when you're outdoors or as a nectar collector for your wax when you're within your own space. You can even connect it to a water pipe using the accessories kit.

    It's 510 thread compatible. which makes it suitable for all 510 cartridges. Thankfully. the unit is way smaller than the regular size of other nectar collectors on the market. so you can remain completely discreet while using it in the open.

    Since it's used as a nectar collector. the Lookah dab pen makes it easier to dab without using a torch and a huge nail.

    Quartz Coil

    The Seahorse Pro Lookah features a high-food grade Quartz coil tip that produces pure and flavorful tastes as you place it directly on your concentrates. These quartz tips are great but each type of coil tip offers something new.

    Ceramic coil

    The device does not come with a ceramic coil but uses Quartz for smooth flavor.

    Variable Voltage

    The Lookah Seahorse features a 3.7V rechargeable long-lasting 650mAh battery. However. the battery is non-removable. which means the device becomes useless once the battery completes its lifespan.

    For control. the Seahorse Pro uses a variable voltage. The highest voltageis 4.1V. represented by a white display. The medium heat setting is 3.6V (purple). The lowest is 3.2V (blue).

    How to Use the Seahorse Pro Lookah

    Using the Seahorse is pretty straightforward. plus it comes with an instruction manual that makes things a lot easier. The device has a power button at the front. a charging port at the back. and a cap that protects the quartz tip.

    Press the power button five times rapidly within 2 seconds to turn on/off the device. After you turn it on. keep holding the button for three seconds to start using it. It will keep going for 20 seconds for protection.

    Press the button two times quickly within 0.8 seconds to cycle through the temperature settings while keeping an eye on the display color. Press the button three times quickly to activate Wax Exclusive Mode for a 15-second preheat time.

    Voltage Colors:

    • Blue (Low): 3.2V
    • Purple (Medium): 3.6V
    • White (High): 4.1V

    Next. you can either use it as a nectar collector or attach a cartridge and take draws with or without connecting it to a pipe. Lookahis very versatile!

    Exclusive Party Mode

    In exclusive mode. users can heat up the ip with one of three heat options. The vaporization process starts with a 15 second preheat mode indicated by a flashing light. Once heated. it will hold at a set temperature for 20 seconds. giving you enough time for each session.

    1. Press the power button 3 times quickly within 1.5 seconds to trigger the exclusive mode for dabbing - Auto Mode.
    2. In Auto Mode. the device keeps preheating for 15 seconds (indicator light flashing). then it will automatically work for 30 seconds (indicator light keep on.)
    3. After it's on automatic mode for 30 seconds. the device will shut down auto mode and back to universal mode for safety protection. Press the button 3 times again to restart.
    4. In Auto Mode. adjust the voltage by pressing the button two times quickly.

    Safety Protections

    • Overcharge protection: Stop charging when voltage is 4.25V
    • Over-discharge protection: There will be no output when the voltage is lower than 3.2V. The power will go off if the voltage is lower than 2.5V.
    • Short circuit protection: There is no output when the load is lower than 0.5¦¸
    • Overload protection: There is no output when the load is lower than 1¦¸.
    • Temperature protection: There will be no output when the temperature is over 158 or is lower than 4.
    • Smoke overtime protection: The output will shut down if you keep heating it up forover 20 seconds.

    Compatibility with WaterPipes

    The advent of vape pens and portable vaporizers made it easy to enjoy dabs on the go with great convenience and discreteness. However. water pipes still have their place in the heart of every true dabber for many reasons.

    As an improved unit. the Seahorse Pro is compatible with rigs. water pipes. and bongs. It comes with a rubber connector that you can attach to a pipe to vape your cartridge like a dab carb. The tube is a male attachment and fits any 14/18mm female device. So you can enjoy cool. flavorful hits by just connecting the unit to your bong.

    What is the Lookah Seahorse Pro Used For?

    This is the perfect device to use as a portable on-the-go electric dabbing device. This nectar collector is used for concentrates and waxes. Whether you want to use it through a cartridge or heat up your coil and dip it directly onto your wax.

    Why is my Seahorse Pro Dab Flashing a Yellow Light?

    5 Times / 10 Times

    If you're getting a yellow light flashing 5 times. there is an open circuit issue.This can happen for a variety of reasons but the most important is the 510 threading portion is screwed on too tight. To help with this issue. take your cartridge or coil off. Clean the inner portion of the threading with a q-tip.

    If the light is flashing 10 times. this can be an indicator of a short circuit problem. Use the steps above to help.

    Clogging Coil Tip

    If your coil tip gets clogged up. simply put it in party exclusive mode and let it heat up. When it heats up. it will turn into vapor. You can easily get reclaim out by doing this.

    Why is My Coil Not Heating Up?

    With all electric units. there will come a time when something needs to be replaced. In this case. the coils can definitely burn out and require a replacement. Whether you have the quartz or coils. you can run into this issue. These coils generally last up to 2-3 months each.

    Alarm/Light Indications

    • Low Battery: Flashes red 8 times
    • Temperature Protection: Flashes purple 5 times
    • Output short-circuit alarm: Flashes Yellow 10 times
    • Open Circuit: Flashes yellow 5 times (Tip is defective. Change the tip)
    • Output overload alarm: Flashes cyan 12 times. (Resistance < 1ohm)
    • Button Output overtime: Indicator light flashes 2 times in the color of the current mode.

    Lookah Seahorse Pro *Limited Edition*

    TheLookah Seahorse Prolimited edition is a super dab pen with an elegant design and amazing performance. These limited edition wax pens are the same amazing Seahorse pro pens but with an improved design. Their stunning patterns are the perfect match for someone who needs a vape pen that stands out from the crowd. The pen can fit all 510 cartridges. is easy to clean. and can be used with several other accessories.

    Limited Edition Colors

    The Lookah Seahorse Pro limited edition pen comes in three colors/designs.

    • Tie-Dye Limited Edition
    • Camouflage Limited Edition
    • Rainbow Limited Edition
    • Cake Limited Edition


    The Lookah Seahorse Pro uses a quartz coil to deliver premium flavors and massive vapor. Users can always replace these coils by purchasing them separately.

    The Lookah limited edition comes with all the amazing features that make the Seahorse pro such a special device and a new color design. making it one of your classy must-haves.

    Seahorse PRO is the second generation of the Seahorse company's dab pen line. It is easy to fill and clean and can fit all 510 cartridges.


    • Battery: the dab device is powered by a 3.7-volt 650mah in 3 temperature setting
    • 15 seconds preheat sesh modes 2.7v/3.3v/4.1.
    • Supports 510 cartridges
    • Easy to clean. portable. and compatible with bongs.
    • 1 Multi-use device


    The Seashore Pro limited edition is powered by a rechargeable 650mAh battery. It guarantees lasting use at multiple temperature settings for every 100% charge. Micro USB charging allows you to go camping or travel without the need to carry an extra charger.

    The Lookah Seahorse can be charged using a USB charger with 5v/250mA. A full charge on this unit will take about 30 minutes to 2 hours. depending on how depleted it is. Unfortunately you cannot use it while charging.

    The dab battery is a 510 thread battery in variable voltage so users can alternate between 3.2v. 3.6v. 4.1v with 1.2 resistance.

    510 Thread Compatible

    510 thread vapes were first used in early vape pen tech but have continued to evolve to accommodate recent innovations in cannabis vaping. Modern vape pens like the Seahorse Pro limited edition offer more features and advantages. making them the preferred vaping tool.

    Being 510 compatible means the wax pen supports any battery with 510 threading. which is the standard choice of battery in the industry. So if you hear people say 510 batteries. then they are most likely referring to the battery in atomizers and tanks.

    How to Use The Lookah Seahorse Pro Limited Edition

    The Lookah Seahorse Limited pen allows users to select from three heat options when dabbing. Avoid pushing the tip onto hard surfaces when in use. as doing so cn damage the quartz coil. The heated tip evaporates the concentrates. which you inhale through the mouthpiece.

    The Seahorse Pro Lookah Limited features a food-grade and quartz tip unique touch style dip coil. making it possible for users to dip directly into concentrate and vape from its container.

    The glass mouth pipe means you can watch your wax melt away while dabbing. It looks really cool. and cleaning is not an issue. which makes it easier to maintain the awesome taste of your concentrates during each dab session.

    Seahorse Pro Limited can be used with a glass water pipe for cooler hits. Using the supplied pipe kit. a silicon tube is preferred. Simply connect the mouthpiece of the pipe to your water rig dab pipe. allowing it to serve as an enail. You can now dab with the pen but allow your vaporized materials to cool through a water pipe before inhaling.

    The Seahorse pro features a Manual and an Exclusive mode.

    For the manual. press the button and dab when you've attained the desired temperature.