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Puffing Bird

Honeycomb Glass Bong Set w/ Quartz Banger and Carb Cap

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What'll Get From This Glass Bong Value Pack: 

You can buy the water pipe separately on our dedicated bong collection by clicking HERE.

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12" Extra Thick Honeycomb Glass Bong

The glass thickness for this glass bong is 8mm thick! The structure of the bong is quite unique as well, it features a double layer design, the inner layer features a medium size honeycomb percolator and there is a mini UFO percolator located in the middle, two percolators working together will provide maximum filtration and cooling down the temperature of your smoke significantly! 

The standard accessory for this glass bong is an extra thick glass bowl for flowers. It can be converted into a dab rig with an 18mm male quartz banger or titanium dab nail.

  • Accessories: 1x 18mm Male Bowl Piece
  • Height: 12" / 30cm 
  • Beaker Base Width: 4.2" / 11cm
  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Mini UFO Percolator
  • Thickness: 8mm 
  • 90° Angle Female Joint
  • Extra Thick Glass
  • Heady Glass
  • Removable Down Stem
  • Female Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece

    22mm OD Bubble Quartz Carb Cap

    Puffing Bird's bubble-style carb cap is made up of quartz glass. The bubble style ensures compatibility for domeless bangers with any sizes. This is a perfect dabber that fits most of the nails. 

    • Diameter: 22 mm
    • Length: 2 inches

    18mm Male Puffing Bird™ Core Reactor Quartz Banger for 20mm Heating Coil Enail

      This is a unique piece that we've been developing in the past few months, we've created nail with 4mm thick bottom and a built-in core reactor to hold the heats better than any quartz banger for 20mm enail coil on the market! A must-have item for enail enthusiasts!

      • Fits 20mm Barrel Coil.
      • Built-in core reactor to hold heat.
      • 18mm Male Joint

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