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Puffing Bird

13" Tobacco Bamboo Bong

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Buy the best handmade bamboo bong of natural bamboo from Puffing Bird.

The bong is a select large triple node bamboo bong with a sleek variegated exterior which is crafted from the base of the bamboo culm with rhizomes intact. The bamboo bong has a galvanized bowl for dry herbs. Keep it all-natural and taste those nugs with these natural bamboo bongs.

  • Standard Accessories: 1x Galvanized Bowl for Dry Herbs
  • Height: 13.39"/34cm 
  • Weight: 514g
  • Natural Bamboo
  • Golden Chain
  • Circular Mouthpiece
  • Straight Neck
  • Category: Bongs
  • Sub-Category: Bamboo BongsCheap Bongs