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Puffing Bird

14mm Honeycomb To Turbine Ash Catcher

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If you are one of those guys/girls/apache helicopters that loves to watch the water motion inside a bong or dab rig, and you happened to need an ash catcher to prolong the life of your favorite bong, then you're in for a treat! 

This medium size 14mm ash catcher features two layers of percolator(while most of the ash catchers on the market feature only one): A honeycomb perc and turbine perc. When you inhale, the smoke and water traveling pass the honeycomb perc creating a lot of bubbles, then the bubbles travel further up through the turbine perc, creating a dazzling vortex motion! 

Since the percolators are located in the middle of the chamber, you can use this ash catcher both ways! If you have a 14mm female downstem(or bong), just use the 14mm male joint on it and the original 14mm male bong bowl that goes on the bong can be used on the female joint of the catcher, vice versa.