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6" AFM Vortex Recycler Rig With Shower Head Perc and Tapered Mouthpiece

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6" Vortex Recycler Rig With Shower Head Percolator and Tapered Mouthpiece

This recycler rig is built to hit like a champ. It’s made with premium quality glass and might be the most efficient piece in your collection. Watch as the external separation tubes and vortex chamber filter your water over and over. A 14mm female joint sits on top of a fixed downstem. A glass bowl is also included. This pipe decorated with AFM logo decals and is available in various colors.

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass


Fixed Downstem, Triangular Mouthpiece, Shower Head Perc, Vortex Recycler

Size / Height



Green, Blue, Clear

Recycler Rig Features:


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