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American Helix Titan Series Tiny Helios Dab Rig

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The Tiny Helios by American Helix is a refined handblown oil rig designed for silky smooth hits. modeled after the larger Helios Rig. The Tiny Helios features a finished 14mm banger hanger with a stemless diffuser into a circular bottom with a flare base for stability. The classic venturi chamber swirls the smoke like a tornado creating a cooling effect. American Helix is proudly made in the USA and known for their superior venturi chambers which features two microholes that allow air into the top spinning the smoke reducing the temperature. This creates the smoothest hit for your lungs and a sleek effect to look at every hit! The Tiny Helios is a unique oil rig in its design and functionality truly going above and beyond in performance.

NOTE: Helix decal colors vary. Color may be requested in comments section at checkout but cannot be guaranteed.