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Puffing Bird

Flat-top Enail Quartz Banger for 25mm Heating Coil

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This enail banger is made of pure quartz and features 4mm thickness.

The banger coils are specially designed to heat the entire banger dish including the wall and bottom of the dish so you never have to worry about uneven heating, pooling or charring.

It features a 4mm thick bottom to hold the heats better. The cotter pin fastened banger perfectly. You won't worry that the coil may fall off the banger. The metal pins slip through the bottom of the heating coil and hold it tight up to the bottom of the banger. 

This 14mm joint banger can convert your glass bong or bubbler into a dab rig. Just purchase one on Puffingbird and load your concentrate into the banger to enjoy it.