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Puffing Bird

9" Glass Multi Perc Dab Rig w/ Heady Pattern Glass Pipe Set

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What'll Get From This Glass Dab Rig Value Pack: 

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9" Clear Glass Multi Perc Dab Rig

As you can see on the pics, this dab rig features two chambers for filtration, the cylinder shape glass on the bottom features two percolators: the large honeycomb perc and the barrel perc. The first round of filtration via the barrel perc diffuses the smoke then the honeycomb perc will take over for the second round, with the dual chamber design the water traveling up to the cone shape glass will prevent water from spilling and providing you the smoothest smoking experience! 

This dab rig comes with a large 14mm male glass bowl for flowers.

Heady Pattern Glass Hand Pipe

Heady Pattern Glass Spoon Pipe

One of the heaviest glass spoon pipes listed on, it's made from different density and color borosilicate glass giving it a unique look. 

The weed bowl of this hand pipe is quite large and deep, it features a medium size carb hole on the left side and a raised marble for better grips on the right. 

Features Of This Heady Glass Pipe

  • Heady Pattern Glass Pipe
  • Heavy Spoon Pipe
  • Length: 11cm/4.33"
  • Extra Thick Glass Pipe
  • Deep Bowl
  • Medium Size Carb Hole
  • 100% Hand Made Pipe
  • Category: Value PackPipes
  • Sub-category: Spoon PipesPot Pipes