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Henny Bong

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Henny feeling fancy

Like the high-end cognac. black and gold mark the Henny Bong V2 with the shape and feel of premiere OG style and success. It gives you altitude with attitude. right down to the legit Henny look in the palm of your hand.

This may be a little rig. but this packs a big flavor with super-smooth diffusion for nice. chill hits. Best of all. it deserves a space on any smoker's shelf out of respect for classy glass for grass. This black and gold label knows a high-end crowd.

Gold label respect

This black-labeled beauty features phat. clear glass revealing the swirl inside. It might be about palm-sized. but it resists breaks. cracks. or fucking with your grass. This rig is hand-blown glass made by artisans to put that Henny feel in your hand all the time.

It feels like a fifth standing just 7¡± inches tall with a fixed 90 14mm F joint and a matching hollow smoky bowl. There's a fixed downstem and a base-mounted showerhead perc cooling and condensing smoke.

This straight neck rig has a 3-pinch ice catch for frosty smoke and a bottle top mouthpiece to complete this exceptional Henny look. The flat base makes this bong topple resistant because it's a shame to spill Henny.

Henny Thing's Possible

For rich. velvety hits- never stop. never settle- the Henny Gang Rig is how to go fancy. an affordable luxury. So. in the spirit of fine flavor. get yourself the perfect grind. load that hollow bowl. spark it up and fill it full.

This classy novelty bong is also easy to clean. especially with an all-natural glass cleaner made for smokeware. Plus. these Henny Gang bongs small enough to stash away in a hard case container. but why would you want to? It's the trophy bong to keep on hand!

Finest Flavor

Having Henny in your hand every day isn't hard when you have this masterful work of glass in the house. Then. you can make your own special blend. one bowl at a time.