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Herb-e Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Looking for the best portable around? Herb-E micro dry herb vaporizer is sleek and discreet in design to offer the portability you need to vape herbs where you want. Functionality is essential, and with simple controls, aerospace aluminum chamber, and metal body wrapped in carbon fiber, this micro vape pen is all you'll need to enjoy your herbs.

Having a choice is important to us at Mig Vapor, and with that our device offers a dual-mode to give you options for how you want to vape. Choose the happy yellow eye mode for a more relaxed experience or go all out with angry red eye mode and get the most out of the device. We know you want ease-of-use, and with 5 clicks on and off along with flashing lights to inform you when it's ready, getting into the vape is faster than ever. Need to switch modes hold the button for 5 seconds, and your back in the vape. Simple and fast anyone can do it. With our patented 2 piece mouthpiece. The HERB-E will provide you with the easiest cleaning of a vaporizer yet. With power and form factor you can not go wrong with our HERB-E Vaporizer. 


Main Features:
-1200mAh rechargeable battery
-Up to 10 uses before recharging is required
-Portable and small
-2 modes: Happy Yellow Eyes for relaxed experience; Angry Red Eyes to get the most out of Herb-E
-Simple, easy to clean, easy to use

Package Includes:
1 x HERB-E Micro Vaporizer
1 x Pair of tweezers to remove the inside mouthpiece
3 x Pipe Cleaners to clean the chamber
1 x Alcohol Wipe for external cleaning
1 x Manual and Warranty Registration

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