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Puffing Bird

Hornet Kingsize Vanilla Flavored Rolling Paper 5 Booklets

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Flavor cigarette rolling papers will give you special taste, which is different from ordinary rolling paper.

This Hornet Vanilla Flavored Rolling Paper is full of vanilla flavor. A great collection for the vanilla flavor lovers!

They are made from natural gum. The size of the rolling paper is 110mm in length and 28mm in width, big enough to roll a fat flavored joint with your favorite dry herb! Each booklet contains 32 leaves of rolling papers. 

Made with natural gum, chlorine-free and slow-burning. 

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  • 5 Booklets, 160 Leaves Of Rolling Paper
  • Hornet Kingsize Rolling Paper
  • Vanilla flavored rolling paper
  • Rolling Paper Size: 110mm*28mm
  • Material: Natural Gum
  • Category: Rolling Paper, Flash Sale