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Puffing Bird

Hornet Ultra Thin Rolling Paper 5 Booklets

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Hornet is known for its smoking and rolling related product lines, they make rolling trays, grinders, filters, and of course, rolling papers. 

These are one of the thinnest rolling papers on Puffing Bird! 

They are high quality, king-sized rolling papers. They are pre-creased for easier, more manageable rolling. The ultra thin size and weight guarantees an even smoke, with minimal ash.
The size of the rolling paper is 110mm in length and 32.5mm wide, big enough to roll a fat flavored joint with your favorite dry herb! Each booklet contains 32 leaves of rolling papers. 

Get yours here!

  • 5 Booklets, 160 Leaves Of Rolling Paper
  • Hornet Unrefined Hemp Rolling Paper
  • Rolling Paper Size: 110mm*32.5mm
  • Material: Natural Gum
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