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Puffing Bird

Ice Cream Pipe (Pink) w/ Hamburger Herb Grinder Set

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What'll Get From This Ice Cream Pipe w/ Herb Grinder Set Value Pack: 

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Value Pack | Puffingbird

Specification of Glass Pipe:

Ice Cream Glass Pipe

One of the most adorable glass pipes ever! As the name indicates, it looks exactly like an ice cream cone with hermes green ice cream(with chocolate toppings on it :-) ) on top. The medium-sized carb hole is located on the left of the bowl, the "cone" part of the hand pipe is made from fumed glass, the color of the glass will change after use making it uniquely yours. 

The ice cream hand pipe features a fairly large size deep bowl which means you can pack a decent amount of herb in it at a time, perfect for passing it around at group events. 

It's about 13cm/5" in length, the glass is super thick so you don't need to worry about breaking it so easily. 

The perfect 420 gifts for close friends and families! 

Features Of This Ice Cream Glass Pipe

  • Ice Cream Glass Pipe
  • Novelty Glass Smoking Hand Pipe
  • Extra Thick Glass Pipe
  • Fumed Glass
  • Color Changing Glass
  • Medium Size Carb Hole
  • Large Bowl
  • Deep Bowl
  • Flat Bottom
  • 100% Hand Made Glass Pipe
  • Color: Pink
  • Category: Pipes
  • Sub-category: Novelty PipesSpoon PipesPot Pipes

Specification of Silicone Pipe:

Ice Cream Silicone Hand Pipe

Ice Cream Novelty Pipe w/ Hamburger Herb Grinder Set | Free NZ Shipping

One of the most unique novelty hand pipes is the ice cream silicone pipe. This adorable pipe comes with a removable glass bowl, making it super easy to clean. This ice cream cone looks exactly like the real thing! 

0.5" deep carb hole on the left side and a nice sized mouth hole at the bottom make this one excellent pipe for daily use. This silicone glass combination provides excellent durability without sacrificing the glass bowl that we love to use. 

It's about 11.55cm/4.5" in length and it's made from 100 percent FDA approved silicone material. Three colors are available.

Very nice gift for your friends!

      Specification of Weed Grinder:

      Hamburger Grinder 3 Layer 56 MM

      Ice Cream Novelty Pipe w/ Hamburger Herb Grinder Set | Free NZ Shipping

      This 3 Piece Herb Grinder is as useful as it is novel. While shaped to look like a burger, this grinder is no joke. It features sharp pointed diamond-shaped teeth to bite into the toughest herbs. If that's not enough, it has a mesh screen under the grind portion so you can get your herbs as fine or chunky as you like. The more you twist the finer it gets. This is truly a grinder that Alonzo Jones himself would be proud of... Maybe... Go ahead, we'll wait while you Google him.