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Puffing Bird

Lemon Glass Hand Pipe

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Smoothly shaped with sculpted ends, this cute little yellow pipe is perfect to brighten any day! This portable hand pipe is 4.7 inches in length. 

It features high-quality borosilicate glass. Although it's a pocket-size glass pipe that is easy to carry around, the 0.6-inch deep bowl and the fat body allows maximum smoke to be generated that's just like a standard size spoon pipe. 

The vivid color is impressive. Spend some time with this little lemon-shaped glass pipe. 

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  • Novelty Pipe
  • Lemon Shape Design
  • Large Carb Hole
  • Left Side Carb Hole
  • 100% Hand-made
  • High-quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Weight: 90g
  • Category: Pipes
  • Sub-category: Novelty PipesSpoon Pipes, Pot Pipes