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Puffing Bird

Mini Matrix Perc Dab Rig and Penis Novelty Glass Bong Set

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What'll Get From Water Pipe and Weed Pipe Value Pack: 

You can buy these pipes separately on our dedicated bong collection by clicking HERE and dedicated dab rig collection by clicking HERE.

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8.2" Mini Matrix Perc Dab Rig

If you like a dab rig that could generate a massive amount of bubbles, you can't go wrong with a rig that's got a matrix percolator

This mini wax rig features a relatively large size matrix perc compared to its size,  it's got a 90° angle 14mm male joint, a slightly bent neck(which is a good thing when you use it on a table top) and a circular flared mouthpiece! The standard accessory for this dab rig is a 14mm female bowl piece for flowers/dry herbs. 

One of the best-valued matrix perc dab rig on Puffing Bird.
  • Standard Accessories: 1x 14mm Female Bowl Piece
  • Height: 8.2" / 21cm 
  • Weight: 190g/0.41lb
  • Matrix Percolator
  • Themed Glass
  • Worked Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 90° JOINT
  • Dab Rig/Bong
  • Circular Mouthpiece
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Bent Neck

7.9" Penis Novelty Glass Bong

    Ready for something kinky? Or perhaps you want to surprise someone with a unique bong, this penis novelty water pipe might be your best choice!

    The bong is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and the level of details on this bong is just amazing, if you look closely you'll find very lifelike veins on the body and wrinkled skins on the bottom(disturbingly lifelike), yet this bong is very functional, featuring a removable downstem(the glass bowl is fixed with the downstem) and a medium carb hole on the left side of the bong, the hole which you put the downstem in has a blue rubber ring to make a tight seal so when you put water in it won't spill

    • Accessories: 1 X Fixed Glass Bowl Downstem
    • Height: 7.9"/20cm Base Width: 2"/5cm
    • Penis Themed Bong
    • Novelty Bong/Water Pipe
    • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
    • Heady Glass
    • Clear Glass
    • Removable Downstem
    • 45° Angle Joint
    • Medium Size Carb Hole
    • 420 Gifts

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