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Puffing Bird

Pyramid Multi-Perc Recycler Glass Bong Set w/ Carb Cap and Banger

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What'll Get From This Glass Bong Set Value Pack: 

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8.6" Pyramid Multi-Perc Recycler Glass Bong

This glass water pipe features not one or two, but THREE percolators in total! The turbine percolator is located on the topper half and the honeycomb percolator is located on the bottom half, the spiral percolator is separated from the pyramid body in an individual chamber, if you look closely you'll find a small hole on the side of the chamber, that's the hole for you to fill water in it and put it in the fridge, once the water is turned into ice you've got yourself an ice bong

  • Accessories: 1x 14mm Female Glass Dab Nail, 1x Glass Dome.
  • Height: 8.6" / 22cm
  • Weight: 282g
  • Thickness: 3mm 
  • 90° Joint
  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Turbine Percolator
  • Spiral Ice Percolator
  • Extra Thick Glass
  • Heady Glass
  • Male Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Dual Purpose Glass Bong/Dab Rig

      Novelty Rubber Yellow Ducky Carb Cap (2 pcs)

      Change up your carb cap game and get away from boring single colored carb caps with this cute little duck. The duck carb cap is made of high-quality glass and features a unique yellow body with duck face design. Compatible with standard bangers.
      • Unique Duck Design
      • High-Quality Glass
      • Compatible with Standard Bangers
      • Diameter: 22mm
      • Height: 1.25"

        Puffing Bird™ Gravel Quartz Hybrid Banger/Nail Extra Thick

          Nucleation sites assist with the physical separation of solid, liquid, and gas. The nucleation sites provide more surface area, allowing bubbles to form and rise faster. As a result, more vaporization can occur in a shorter amount of time without higher temperatures. With the Gavel, we were able to leave behind smaller puddles without sacrificing any of the flavors. For those looking for the best dab nail, this is something to consider.

          • 14mm Female Joint
          • 25mm Diameter Cup
          • 100% High-Quality Quartz

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