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Puffing Bird

Recycle Dab Rig w/ Blue Glass Pipe and Quartz Banger Set

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What'll Get From This Dab Rig w/ Glass Pipe Set Value Pack: 

Value Pack | Puffingbird

Specification of Glass Dab Rig:

Puffing Bird™ Mini Banger Hanger Recycle Dab Rig

 Mini Banger Hanger Recycle Dab Rig in action:

Look at it! How can you not like that!

It's tiny, approximately 6" /16cm tall small enough to hide in your drawer and It's designed to have two recycling tubes running on the side and on the bottom, and the tubes serve as holders to put your finger through it and you don't need to worry about your rig falling off your hand anymore! It comes with a 14mm male bowl for flowers.

    Specification of Glass Pipe:

    Handmade Blue Glass Pipe with White Stripes

    This handmade blue glass spoon pipe comes with white net stripes on the body. Its skinny tubing guarantees a much smoother air flow, it features a large carb hole on the left side of the bowl.
    • Length: 4.1" / 10.5 CM
    • Skinny Tubing
    • Solid Blue Color
    • White Stripe Pattern
    • Category: Pipes
    • Sub-category: Spoon PipesPot Pipes

    Specification of Quartz Banger:

    Puffing Bird™ Extra Thick Quartz Banger 4mm Bottom

     Quartz Banger 4mm Bottom | Extra Thick Quartz Banger | Free NZ Shipping

    This is one of the lowerest priced bangers on Puffing Bird, but it doesn't mean it's worst than others! Since this is one of the most basic designs, the time we spent making these are less than the others, that's why they are cheap! But with the thick walls and extra thick bottom, this piece holds heat like a champ!

    • 10mm/14mm/18mm Male/Female Joints Available.
    • 18mm Diameter Cup.
    • 100% High-Quality Quartz
    • Category: Quartz Banger