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Puffing Bird

"Route 66" Oil Drum Shaped Tin Ashtray

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This black oil drum shaped ashtray features a Route 66 pattern on the body which can combine high volume with low weight. The material of this accessory is high-grade tin. The oil can ashtrays are not only awesome looking but are also very handy ashtrays. The lid of this lightweight ashtray with 7 holes for your ash detaches for easy cleaning and there also features a huge amount of space inside!

It is 3.94" in height and 2.85" diameters only which is portable to carry around.

  • Material: Tin
  • Height: 3.94" / 100mm
  • Diameter: 2.85" / 72.5mm
  • Weight: 60.3g
  • Category: Bong Accessories
  • Category: Ashtrays