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Silicone & Glass Dual Chamber Water Pipe

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Looking for a unique. compact water pipe for enjoying your favorite dry herbs? This 7.25-inch tall Silicone/Glass Dual Chamber Water Pipe is a great looking piece that delivers amazingly cool & smooth rips.

This colorful water pipe perfectly combines the eye-pleasing aesthetics of glass with the durability of silicone. When you light up the bowl and inhale. the smoke intersects with the percolation chamber twice for an added cooling factor.

The inline percolator ensures that your rips are filtered and smooth. so they're easy on your throat and lungs. This pipe is outfitted with a 14mm female joint and comes with a handled 14mm male herb slide.

This well-designed portable water pipe features a wide base to keep the piece stable. It has a bent neck for comfortable use and to keep your face away from the heat source. It's a super cool water pipe perfect for travel that comes in an assortment of varying colors. Nab yours today.