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Puffing Bird

Silicone Hammer Bubbler

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This unbreakable hammer bubbler is a perfect option for carrying around without worrying about breakage.

Made of food-grade and heat-resistant silicone, this handheld bubbler can be filled up with water for purifying and filtering. The function of this bubbler is similar to a mini bong or dab rigs but more portable and convenient.

The hammer-style bubbler comes with a roomy glass weed bowl for a number of dry herbs. It also equipped with a built-in silicone jar that is hidden underneath the bowl, which enables you to take your favorite flowers or waxes on a trip. Not only that, you will find a metal dab tool that is hidden on the stem, which allows you to pick up concentrate or stir your bowl. The carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl for you to control the airflow when you inhale.

If you are looking for an affordable bubbler for yourself or your clumsy friend, then this colorful handheld bubbler will definitely do the trick.