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Puffing Bird

Stainless Steel Wax Dabber-Golden

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A dabber is an important dab tool to pick up a dab of cannabis concentrate, such as wax, shatter, and apply it to a heated surface on an oil rig pipe. 

This dual point dabber featuring a sharp pointed tip on one side of the tool and a long, scoop tip on the other end. It's perfect for handling your favorite oil, wax, hash, and shatter style concentrates.

The slender dabber is 4.72" long and you can see two-part threaded flexy grip midsection help to provide a more comfortable and tighter grip. 

This stainless steel dab tool is sure to become one of your daily favorites!
  • Length: 4.72" / 12cm
  • A scoop tip
  • A pointed tip
  • High-Quality Metal
  • Golden
  • Threaded flexy grip
  • Category: Dab Tools
  • Sub-category: Dabbers