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Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Bong

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No kittehs...just Bubbles on this beaker-based hourglass piece from the Trailer Park Boys water pipe collection. Bubbles is the true king of Sunnyvale. and this piece might be the best in the collection. The hourglass shape has an ice pinch so you can still chill those vapors or smoke out. and the 14mm ground glass bowl makes the Bubbles water pipe super easy to clean. upgrade. sidegrade or add whatever you might have in your glass collection.

  • Authentic Trailer Park Boys Product
  • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Black Colored Accents
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Built in Ice Catcher/Splashguard
  • Trailer Park Boys Decals
  • Height: 12"
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Base Diameter: 4.5"
  • Tube Diameter: 50.8mm
  • Glass Thickness: 4.8mm
  • Category: Bongs
  • Sub-category: Glass Bongs